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    Minnesota Made Hockey

    What's Going on Around the Rink?

    Super League Stand-outs

    Babe Ruth is not a name that comes to mind when discussing hockey players. But, the Babe did have some great insights and one comes to mind when describing some of the SL1 players. He said, "It's hard to beat a person who never gives up." 

    The Super League I coaches were asked to nominate their HARDEST WORKING PLAYERS. These players have been nominated because they give their all every practice and game, they listen in practice, and they do their best to get better every time they are on the ice. 

    The hardest working Super League I players are:

    the Blues - Ally Qualley
    the Jets - Sammy Boor
    the Flyers - Lukas LaPointe
    the Kings - Wyatt Chartier
    the Flames - Sean Doggett
    the Penguins - Hugh Dienema
    & Macalester Dose

    Keep up the great work, athletes, and work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph!


    The Best of
    Hockey in Minnesota

    The crisp, fresh air of winter just never feels as wonderful as when accompanied by the sound of skate blades cutting the ice below your feet. It is time to get ready for making more memories for the next generation of MN skaters. The opening of the MMIC outdoor rink is right around the corner. The ground is being smoothed and the refrigeration tubes are being laid in preparation.

    Rink 3 opens on November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving. And, the opportunity to skate under the stars of Minnesota is one blessing to be thankful for. 

    Countdown to Outdoor Skating


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